Nina Hartley: Informed Pleasure + Healing a Sexually Sick Culture

Nina Hartley, RN, started her award-winning career in adult entertainment on stage in 1982 and on screen in 1984. Her deep understanding of sexuality in all its manifestations comes from practice, not theory.

A pioneer of “feminist porn,” her career spans the end of film to the Internet as the main avenue for accessing explicit material.  A fierce advocate for sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, Nina regularly speaks around the country, and the world, educating people on the importance of sexual sanity, literacy, pleasure, compassion and health.

Her book, “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex” (Avery Press, 2006), is a companion to her 40-volume DVD sex-ed series from Adam & Eve (the “Nina Hartley Guides”).

She lives in Los Angeles with her partner and three cats. She continues her advocacy for sexual wellness and sanity through her SFW site,

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ the practicality and the perils of body armouring

~ utilizing the energy of emotions

~ how we’re cared for as babies can inform our comfort level (or lack thereof) with being touched as an adult

~ how pain needs compassion and the critical piece of this formula you may not realize

~ the historical perspective of how we became a ‘sexually sick’ culture

~ being able to sit with something uncomfortable and allowing it to shift

~ the thing that’s even better than talk therapy and ultimately more empowering

~ the surprising skills Nina had that enhanced her success in the adult industry

~ being a pleasure doula

~ college students biggest concerns about sex

~ and much, much more

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