288.Eve Kagan: Breaking the Chain of Shame, Rediscovering Worth + Pleasure After Trauma

In this episode of The Real Undressed, Eve Kagan, a licensed professional counselor, trauma therapist, and yoga teacher, joins host Deborah Kagan to dive deep into the topics of trauma, sexuality, and shame. Eve opens up about the statistics surrounding sexual trauma and the challenges survivors face when reporting these incidents. She explores the healing power of art and creativity, emphasizing the need to rewrite old stories of shame to embrace one’s true worth. Eve offers tips for healing from trauma and discusses the importance of intentional, compassionate spaces for transformation.

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Please Don’t Do This

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week’s question: where are you judging? Really consider and look at this question. Truthfully, we all judge at certain times and moments, I mean, it’s part of being human, but really look at when it comes to you and other women, where are the judgments, where are jealousies that are coming out sideways, which maybe come out as a judgment or an unconscious urge to gossip about someone. And I don’t mean gossip as in a way of, oh, did you hear XYZ is going on with this person, like a news update. I mean like gossip as in to tear somebody down gossiping.

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