288.Eve Kagan: Breaking the Chain of Shame, Rediscovering Worth + Pleasure After Trauma

In this episode of The Real Undressed, Eve Kagan, a licensed professional counselor, trauma therapist, and yoga teacher, joins host Deborah Kagan to dive deep into the topics of trauma, sexuality, and shame. Eve opens up about the statistics surrounding sexual trauma and the challenges survivors face when reporting these incidents. She explores the healing power of art and creativity, emphasizing the need to rewrite old stories of shame to embrace one’s true worth. Eve offers tips for healing from trauma and discusses the importance of intentional, compassionate spaces for transformation.


In this episode you’ll get to:

~ Discover the shocking statistics surrounding sexual trauma that highlight the difficulties survivors face when reporting these incidents.

~ Explore the healing power of art and creativity in the process of recovery from trauma and shame.

~ Learn how to rewrite old stories of shame to embrace true worth and value.

~ Uncover tips and techniques for healing from trauma and lifting the deep-seated shame surrounding sexuality.

~ Understand the need for intentional, compassionate spaces for transformation and healing.

~ Explore the role of therapy and yoga in the recovery process.

~ Discover the intersection between trauma and sexuality and how it impacts one’s relationship with pleasure.

~ Learn practical steps to heal from trauma and cultivate a healthier relationship with one’s own sexuality.

~ and much more!


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Website |   http://www.evekaganlpc.com


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