Maintaining Mojo During Covid

It’s Truth + Tequila!
And mmmm, mmm! It’s some very fine agave spirit this week happening at Mojo Central. Cheers to you! Glad you’re here.
MANY people these last few weeks have asked me a version of:
How the heck do I keep my Mojo flowing with all the uncertainty + quarantine.
That is a damn good question. It’s one I ponder most days and have had to wrestle with as well.
When life feels all topsy, turvy – can we be mojolicious?!
My conclusion: abso-fuckin-lootely!

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Are You Outgrowing Your Relationships?

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
I’m sipping on some very fine tequila…
AND this week going to drop some truth that popped up as a theme this week in the open mentoring call I host, Mojo Monday Happy Hour. If you’re not on that list….ummmmm, hellooooo. Please get yourself on it ASAP because I’d LOVE to meet you and support you rockin’ your mojo. Complimentary access is yours – all linked below.

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