Maintaining Mojo During Covid

Ep.047 Truth&TequilaQ&A

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!

And mmmm, mmm! It’s some very fine agave spirit this week happening at Mojo Central. Cheers to you! Glad you’re here.

MANY people these last few weeks have asked me a version of:

How the heck do I keep my Mojo flowing with all the uncertainty + quarantine.

That is a damn good question. It’s one I ponder most days and have had to wrestle with as well.

When life feels all topsy, turvy – can we be mojolicious?!

My conclusion: abso-fuckin-lootely!

Is it going to take something. You bet.

In normal conditions it takes something.

Nowadays, it’s a bit like throwing your hands up in the air while riding a gnarly roller coaster and screaming wwweeeeeeeee all the way.

Here’s the good news…this unprecedented time in our history is forcing everyone to look at themselves.

Some people think and feel that’s bad news.

I invite you to remember it’s GREAT news.

The more you connect with yourself, the more Mojo you have access to every day.

And with more Mojo you have more confidence.

And with more confidence you become an even better version of yourself.

And as the better version of yourself, you take actions congruent with your true desires + your soul’s calling.

This is a MAJOR benefit of this time.

What’s happening along the way is you run into what I call the KINKS…these are the kinked up parts of your neurobiology due to traumas you experienced at some point in your life that continue to be lodged in your body and affect your actions or lack there of.

SO, how do you maintain your Mojo during this time?

There are MANY ways. For today’s episide, let’s focus on three:

  1. MOJO MINDSET. Stop watching news non stop and getting caught in the social media trash. Carefully curate what you allow into your mind every day. Fill it with empowering voices, information and sounds. I know you want to stay informed. And you can, as long as you use discipline. You know when things are getting too much and your mind starts to slip into the dark. Don’t go there. The key is to catch yourself before it’s too late.
  1. PLEASURE. Have some! It’s easy. It’s free. It’s all around you. Find it in nature. Find it in your bathtub. Find it in your kitchen. Find it moving your hips. Find it on your skin. Find it between your legs. Give yourself permission to experience pleasure each and every day. No matter what.
  1. MEDITATE. It’s a now or never situation. This time in our history demands meditation. 2, 3, 30 minutes a day. Whatever amount of time you do, do it. Get consciously quiet with yourself. Learn to commune with your higher self. Allow the shoves from above to land in your body. Let them be heard so that you can live your life from your truth. If you need help starting a practice, download the complimentary BREATH technique I made for you. It’s a great way to begin.

The thing is – you are NEVER without your mojo. You were born with it. It doesn’t go away or get lost. The volume dial can get turned down. But YOU have the power to turn it up anytime. It’s yours for the having.

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