246.Krystal Thompson: Ethical Non Monogamy, Sacred Manifesting + Deep Intimacy

Krystal Thompson is a seeker, guide, and founder of The Aura Lab – an online mystery school dedicated to initiating, supporting, and elevating cosmic women along their soul paths. She uses Human Design and Inner Voice Facilitation to help clients reconnect with their intuition, become fluent in the language of energy, and transform their lives into an expression of the divine.

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Secret Playwife: Consensual Non-Monogamy

SecretPlayWife is America’s hotwife expert. She became an Internet sensation five years ago when, at her husband’s request, she opened her mind to consensual non-monogamy for her only. Finding it spectacular, she garnered fans everywhere by sharing the joy online, uncensored, bringing about tons of requests for how-to advice.

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