Personal Growth

302.Jessie Rosen: Empowering Women’s Sexuality, Navigating Taboos + Embracing Growth

In episode 302 of The Real Undressed podcast, host Deborah Kagan sits down with award-winning blogger, writer, and performer Jessi Rosen to discuss the evolution of sexuality and the importance of safe spaces. Jessi shares her personal journey with sexuality, exploring the role of alcohol and shows like Sex and the City in her exploration. The conversation delves into the dynamics between married and single women, as well as the fear, jealousy, and internalized misogyny that may contribute to discomfort with open displays of sexuality. The episode offers insights into the challenges and growth in women’s sexuality, the importance of community, and the power of humor and writing in self-exploration.

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296.Jessie May Wolfe: The Power of Emotional Intelligence, Reconnecting with Your Spirit + the Heartrise Method

In this episode of “The Real Undressed,” host Deborah Kagan invites Jessie May Wolfe, a brave-hearted leader, speaker, and visionary, to share her journey from fashion to publishing to coaching and her creation of the Heartrise Method. Jessie May discusses the challenges she faced in transitioning her career and the importance of connecting with the heart. She explores the roadblocks that prevent people from doing so, such as fear and social media overwhelm. Jessie May also reveals her process of recharging and shares her work in bringing Heartrise to the corporate world. This episode highlights the significance of self-trust, emotional intelligence, and genuine connection, offering insights into improving communication, relationships, and personal growth.

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