270.Krystal Thompson: Unblocking Abundance with a Radical Approach to Desire + Transformation

Krystal Thompson is a seeker, guide, and founder of The Aura Lab –an online mystery school dedicated to initiating, supporting, and elevating cosmic women along their soul paths. She uses Human Design and Inner Voice Facilitation to help clients reconnect with their intuition, become fluent in the language of energy, and transform their lives into an expression of the divine.

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ the radical concept of the “quantum crumble” and how it represents the necessary release and discomfort that comes with personal growth and transformation

~ the surprising truth that the more you think you need something, the more it’s blocking you from what you truly want (cue the importance of letting go!)

~ the intriguing idea that you cannot quantum leap with the mind alone. The body plays a crucial role in the transformative process

~ the concept that a quantum leap requires a form of death, and that means the need for complete release of old patterns to embrace new possibilities

~ the powerful connection between the desire for more (stemming from a consumerist society) and the resistance to the discomfort that come with personal growth

~ and much more!


Connect with Krystal Thompson

Website | https://www.theauralab.co

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/xkrystalthompson

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Have you considered what it would be like if:

You felt an unshakable connection to your Higher Self?

You honored your sensual + s3xual nature?

You released disempowering beliefs about your worth as a    woman?

You learned to adore your body and all she’s capable of?

You could genuinely enjoy pleasure for pleasure’s sake?

You experienced joy around s3xual exploration (instead of shame)?

You trusted your Soul’s path and expression?

It’s fair to say that you would be living your MOST MOJOLICIOUS LIFE!

Are you ready for MORE?!

Curious? Get all the deets here:



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