Anita Teresa: Sex, Pleasure and Eros—Medicine for Mind, Body and Soul

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Anita Teresa is an integrative health & sexuality educator with a background in Clinical Social Work, Mind-Body Therapies, Performing Arts, and Somatic Movement Education. She was a Heath Educator in the Department of Integrative Health Programs at NYU Hospital for nearly five years, and is the founder of The Sex & Medicine Summit, an education platform reaching tens of thousands of health and wellness professionals globally.

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ the radical act of pleasure as medicine

~ ancient spiritual practices that support aging gracefully

~ how our literal gut affects health and intimacy with a partner

~ the surprising connection between the vagina and brain

~ Evangelical Sunday service as an erotic experience

~ the path the Priestess (history and what it means in the modern world)

~ the value of slowing down and opening to pleasure

~ honoring one another’s life force and how that can transform the workplace (and your personal life)

~ the empowering context of bringing your power from the bedroom to the boardroom

~ and much more!

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Bernini’s Sculpture: The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

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