Roni Zulu: Spirit, Tattoos, Sex Magic and Trusting Your Path

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Roni Zulu is a true powerhouse and original. He was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky; shortly thereafter, his family relocated to Terre Haute, Indiana and his teenage years were spent in Sarasota, Florida.

Artistically, he was attracted to and influenced by the old masters, he was also drawn to the bizarre side of the surrealist movement; the two strong influences are evident in his work to this day.

After his education at Ringling School of Art & Design and relocating to Los Angeles, his endeavors became engrossed in the direct participation and study of tribal and indigenous cultures around the globe; particularly their rites, sacred tattooing, rituals and arts.

Zulu has given lectures and demonstrations at the Boston Museum of Art, Los Angeles Craft & Folk Art Museum, UCLA Art Departments, Disney Studios, The Thinkery Austin, the Ministry of Arts in Tahiti, the Tribal Council of Samoa, The History Channel, various TV and literary media and many other institutions of the arts.

HE says, “Each and every one of us are unique with an often untold story; my paintings tell that story. My work is a mirror of who we are and to celebrate and be fascinated with ourselves and the world we live in.”

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ how learning about the spirit of animals kickstarted Roni’s spiritual path and connected him to his ancestors

~ the genesis of finding his tattoo path (and it’s deeply rooted in spirit)

~ finding your sacred mark, which he calls your ‘inner tattoo’ and how it’s part of the mind, body, spirit connection

~ building integrity and a moral compass as part of your karmic path

~ Roni’s massive game changing moment that connected him to universal truth and power (and it includes a hot dog stand)!

~ playing with energy and using it proactively

~ recognizing your call, rejecting it and coming full circle to own it fully

~ the simple truth of nature and how it informs everything, including your pleasure and happiness

~ exploring THE MORE of sex and how can you tap into layers of conscious creation during love making (think sex magic)

~ and much more!

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