Victor Rivas Rivers: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, Becoming Your Best Self + Finding Your Angels

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Victor Rivas Rivers is a veteran film and television star, best-selling author, renowned advocate for violence prevention, and the first Cuban-born football player to land a tryout with the Miami Dolphins. He has achieved extraordinary success in numerous arenas. But given his violent upbringing, few of those achievements were ever likely. If not for a handful of individuals who were willing to take a stand on his behalf, he doubts he would be alive today. He chronicles his story of survival in his memoir A Private Family Matter.

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ family violence and its affects

~ how it literally takes a village to transform trauma

~ what abuse is actually about

~ finding healthy outlets to channel your pain

~ noticing the steps you take that bring you to success

~ how faith and surrender are key aspects in transforming trauma

~ the surprising moment of acceptance and love (and how you

can have the same)

~ the road to becoming a loving husband, father and man (and the heart melting euphoric moment that triggered it)

~ becoming a new solution to an old problem

~ the importance of having a strong connection to higher beings and a spiritual nature

~ the tools and rituals he incorporated to solidify life transformation for good

~ and much more!

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