Victor Rivas Rivers: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, Becoming Your Best Self + Finding Your Angels

Victor Rivas Rivers is a veteran film and television star, best-selling author, renowned advocate for violence prevention, and the first Cuban-born football player to land a tryout with the Miami Dolphins. He has achieved extraordinary success in numerous arenas. But given his violent upbringing, few of those achievements were ever likely. If not for a handful of individuals who were willing to take a stand on his behalf, he doubts he would be alive today. He chronicles his story of survival in his memoir A Private Family Matter.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It’s October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And truly, why I do what I do, with this podcast, with all the Rock Your Mojo live events, programs and mentorship, is dedicated to the cause of ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Education, support, accurate mentoring and community can be extremely powerful in supporting women to reestablish the Mojo connection—and therefore, your enthusiasm for life.

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