Best of Spirit Celebration

It’s the continuation of our 100+ episodes AND turning ONE! A year of sharing evocative, informative, inspiring and sassy content FOR YOU!
We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you, so a huge shout out to you, the listeners. It’s because of you this podcast exists and continues to grow each and every month. I adore having these Friday conversations, answering your questions on Truth + Tequila Tuesdays and seeing what resonates with you the most when you share and tag me on your social posts.

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Bonnie Gayle: Living with Spirit + Awakening Your True Essence

Bonnie Gayle is a Body Image Expert and the Founder of Boudoir Butter & Sex Butter. She educates you on feeling comfortable & confident in your body, connecting intimately & stepping into your sexual deliciousness. This is Round 2 for her on The Real Undressed and we step onto the Spiritual side of the street for a very juicy conversation. Check out her first episode (one of the most downloaded) here.

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