My Birthday Wish for You

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
It’s my favorite time of year….Spring Equinox, Aries season and MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Tune in to hear what I most wish for YOU.
AND…I’d love to toast to you and your birthday! Send me a DM on Instagram letting me know when your birthday is and how you plan to celebrate yourself this year. Because my dear, YOU are worthy of some serious celebrating.

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How to Deal With Negative Energy

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week’s question comes from Rebecca who says:
We’re living through a moment in history. I try to keep putting into perspective that years from now, hopefully, as other things in history work, we as well as next generations are going to be able to look back on this time of 2020 and not have any regret and that I have some pride about how I spent my time. However, I’m finding myself in a space of ‘process exhaustion’ and sinking into negative thoughts and energy. Why do you think this is happening and what can I do to get back to a positive space?

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A Guide to Visualization + Meditation

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week’s question comes from Jackie who says:
I have problems with meditation. They always say things like: visualize a bird, I never can visualize a bird or visualize a white light. I can never visualize a white light. And I don’t I don’t know if I got a hang up in there. Or if it’s some kind of kink in my system, as you call it or what. Or maybe everybody is just different. I’m not sure and would like some perspective on all this.

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Surrender to Pleasure

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week’s question comes from Disturbed + Down, who says: I’m waking up most days feeling lousy…and I want to feel good.
Listen in as Deborah builds the case for the ultimate answer: surrender + pleasure = feel good.
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