Genevieve Frances: Plant Medicine, Merging with the Divine + Remembering Who You Are

Genevieve Frances is an intuitive life guide and integrative coach.  Her shamanic training as a spirit medicine guide has spanned lifetimes; preparing her to work and train directly with a Peruvian Shaman for over 10 years.  Using many modalities of consciousness and energy work, she guides people through past traumas and pain to help liberate their souls and help them remember who they are from the Source within… unconditional love.  Her work is about balancing all aspects of self… body, mind, spirit, heart and consciousness.  Creating wholeness and harmony.

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Eve Agee: Dancing with the Shadow + Feminine Leadership

Eve Agee is an Anthropologist, women’s empowerment expert, Bestselling Author and Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy. A coach and healer for over 20 years, she has trained people from every continent to be successful coaches and embody their feminine leadership. Her work has been featured on NBC, BBC, ABC and NPR and her Transform Coaching Academy has been ranked as one of the top coach training programs in the world. She has also worked for the White House, training in Shamanism, conducted research in West Africa and taught at the University of Virginia.

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