Genevieve Frances: Plant Medicine, Merging with the Divine + Remembering Who You Are

Genevieve Frances is an intuitive life guide and integrative coach.  Her shamanic training as a spirit medicine guide has spanned lifetimes; preparing her to work and train directly with a Peruvian Shaman for over 10 years.  Using many modalities of consciousness and energy work, she guides people through past traumas and pain to help liberate their souls and help them remember who they are from the Source within… unconditional love.  Her work is about balancing all aspects of self… body, mind, spirit, heart and consciousness.  Creating wholeness and harmony.  Genevieve offers annual quarterly women’s summits based on the basic tenants of the medicine wheel.  Carrying the Divine Mother archetype, her mission in this lifetime is for everyone to be held and exist in love.


In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ how she became a plant medicine facilitator

~ the process of safely experiencing plant medicine ceremony

~ the difference between teacher plants and ally plants

~ remembering vulnerability and how it’s our true strength

~ the KEY to transformation (and most people skip this part)

~ combining plant medicine with intimacy (don’t try this without listening to these critical tips)

~ the three key components you can receive from doing this work

~ and much more!

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