Bonnie Gayle: Living with Spirit + Awakening Your True Essence

Bonnie Gayle is a Body Image Expert and the Founder of Boudoir Butter & Sex Butter. She educates you on feeling comfortable & confident in your body, connecting intimately & stepping into your sexual deliciousness. This is Round 2 for her on The Real Undressed and we step onto the Spiritual side of the street for a very juicy conversation. Check out her first episode (one of the most downloaded) here.

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Sat Devbir Singh: Consciousness, Crystals, Kundalini + the Holographic Universe

Sat Devbir Singh, Dr. of Divinity, is an International Speaker, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Energy Healer, and Ordained Minister. He believes that we all come to being as Masters of destiny, empowered to create fulfilling life experiences.  At an early age, he realized his ability to receive information from the spiritual world and his extrasensory gifts became apparent. From that moment forward, his greatest joy has been to help people realize the innate love, value, and wisdom within themselves. 

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