Sat Devbir Singh: Consciousness, Crystals, Kundalini + the Holographic Universe

Sat Devbir Singh, Dr. of Divinity, is an International Speaker, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Energy Healer, and Ordained Minister. He believes that we all come to being as Masters of destiny, empowered to create fulfilling life experiences.  At an early age, he realized his ability to receive information from the spiritual world and his extrasensory gifts became apparent. From that moment forward, his greatest joy has been to help people realize the innate love, value, and wisdom within themselves.

Some call him a Shaman, Healer, or Spiritual Teacher. Others call him a Yogi, Light Worker, or Intuitive Guide.  He believes his only power is the power of neutrality, which allows the pure energy of Source to work through him, not because of him.

Currently based in Los Angeles, he hopes to uplift the planet in the spirit of Oneness and aims to unveil the True and Highest Self in every one of us.


In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ what the holographic universe is and how we are actually living in a matrix

~ who and what we truly are (hint: it’s not the basic human form)

~ liberation from suppression and increasing your energetic vibration

~ the journey of our soul and exploring the shadow side

~ the power of crystals and gemstones (plus how to use them)

~ expanding consciousness through sex and physical intimacy

~ one night stands (and how they can be full of love and heart)

~ how kundalini energy and sexual energy are the same

~ addiction to victimhood and what’s needed to break the cycle

~ developing relationship with your Higher Self

~ and much more!

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