234.Kelly Casperson: Sexual Health + Why You Need to Stop Should-ing Your Sex Life

Kelly Casperson is a Female Physician, Urologist, bestselling author, mom, and wife who started a podcast to reach the large majority of women who feel shame, broken, and uneducated about their bodies, specifically their sexuality and pelvic health. She uses science, humor, coaching, and her extensive experience treating hundreds of women to address their common concerns, including menopause, sexual satisfaction and bladder health.

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231.Mojo Pleasure Principles

Welcome to Truth + Tequila!
These episodes are dedicated to answering any and all questions you have navigating the areas of spirit, sex and of course, igniting your mojo. AND every so often they are here to offer you a nugget or two of pure unadulterated mojo….and today’s episode is just that.
Today’s conversation is inspired by one of the modules in the Rock Your Mojo Mentorship curriculum. It’s an important and juicy one…it’s all about PLEASURE.

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216.Hot Sexy Summer: The Conscious Sex Edition

Welcome to the first ever Hot Sexy Summer Series! All summer long I’m bringing you brand new compilations to rock your mojo. Each Friday episode will focus on a specific theme.
This week: The Conscious Sex Edition.
Plus! Let’s celebrate that we are officially in the 200s of episodes! Two and a half years of sharing evocative, informative, inspiring and sassy content FOR YOU!

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