Heather Carter: Mermaids, Universal Beings + Living Honestly

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Heather Carter has lead a wild and adventurous life. Having traveled all over the world as a professional dancer and explorer and connecting with several sacred sites and learning indigenous ways through her own self discovery and working with native peoples, she has come to know her soul’s path is the path of her heart.

She has had life long mystical, multi-dimensional and deeply moving experiences with benevolent and malevolent energies and beings. Through years of reconciliation and healing, she understands that her life is a co-created agreement with all her experiences.

She currently resides on The Big Island of Hawaii with her amazing husband and life partner Ted.

She swims as a mermaid daily, connects with the land, mountains, sea and Pele and considers herself a “Natural Woman”.

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ spirit and extra-terrestrial visitations

~ remembering past lives

~ the benefit of deep diving into your passions

~ following your path + speaking brutal honesty

~ what happens when you ignore your inner knowing

~ connecting with the conscious beings of the universe

~ meeting with mermaids and creatures of the sea

~ why it’s not always a good thing to help wildlife

~ the benefits of being in relationship with nature

~ and much more!

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