Heather Carter: Mermaids, Universal Beings + Living Honestly

Heather Carter has lead a wild and adventurous life. Having traveled all over the world as a professional dancer and explorer and connecting with several sacred sites and learning indigenous ways through her own self discovery and working with native peoples, she has come to know her soul’s path is the path of her heart.
She has had life long mystical, multi-dimensional and deeply moving experiences with benevolent and malevolent energies and beings. Through years of reconciliation and healing, she understands that her life is a co-created agreement with all her experiences.

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Are You Outgrowing Your Relationships?

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
I’m sipping on some very fine tequila…
AND this week going to drop some truth that popped up as a theme this week in the open mentoring call I host, Mojo Monday Happy Hour. If you’re not on that list….ummmmm, hellooooo. Please get yourself on it ASAP because I’d LOVE to meet you and support you rockin’ your mojo. Complimentary access is yours – all linked below.

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Mark Dhamma: Breakthrough Experiences to Connect with Your Soul

Mark Dhamma has been coaching entrepreneurs on how to look, feel and perform at their best since 2008. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients including a BSc in Sports Science, 20+ years of experience in optimal health and an MA in Positive Psychology. His unique approach is to adapt the latest science in optimal human performance, to the modern needs of the entrepreneur. My guest & his Team, achieve results with their clients through the ‘7 AWESOME Steps’, which create effective habits that lead entrepreneurs to superior energy, focus and, ultimately, achieve their goals in RAPID time.

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