How Many Types of Orgasms Are There

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This week’s question comes from Denise, who simply says:

How many different kinds of orgasms are there?

Ah yes. This is a noble and popular question. And honestly, there isn’t ONE agreed upon number of how many kinds are out there. When you do a google search, you’ll come up with everything from 4 to 14 and lots inbetween.

Let’s start with the definition of what an orgasm is:

It’s the powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation that most often happens during sexual activity. It includes the reflex of muscles tightening and then relaxing in a series of rhythmic contractions.

Types of orgasms can be:

  • Clitoral
  • GSpot
  • Cervical
  • Blended
  • Anal
  • Squirting (Female Ejaculation)
  • Nipple and
  • yes, even a breath orgasm.

Each of these occurs when different areas of the vulva and vagina (or a combo of them) is stimulated. And just like each vulva is unique, so is what’s going to bring about an orgasm.

In general, a clitoral orgasm happens when the clitoris is stimulated. But WHAT KIND of stimulation to create an orgasm varies from clit to clit. Some like light touch. Others more pressure. Some like fast strokes. Others slow. Some need a combo of all that – and most will want different things on different days.

Point is – there’s no one sure fire way to orgasm.

The good news about that is there’s so much room to experiment and play. Solo play is a fabulous way to discover what feels good to you – and also for you to find the variety of orgasm stimuli.

Don’t know where you Gspot is? Excellent. Spend some time and discover it…and listen to Episode 13 for more info on this.

Not sure you’ll enjoy cervical stimulation? Aces! Get yourself a toy (or use your fingers if they’ll reach) and check it out for yourself first.

The more you know yourself and your pleasure zones, the easier it will be to share and experience pleasure through them with a partner…and of course, have delicious orgasms.

One important note: Many people get tunnel vision focused on THE ORGASM. My suggestion is that you get more interested in the entire experience. Focus on the moment and the sensations happening. Get interested in your breath as you experience pleasure. If you’re with a partner (vs. solo play), notice what brings them more alive. Orgasms are fantastic, don’t get me wrong. But having them be the gimme, gimme, gotta have it stressor can push them away and leave you frustrated. Enjoy EVERYTHING and watch how your orgasm arises naturally, and maybe even more powerfully.

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