The Power of Cervical Orgasms

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week we have a question from Anonymous who says the following:
I’m hoping you can explain what happened to me. I was having sex with my husband the other night. I was on top and sitting up, not my normal position. He had his hands gripping my hips and his thumbs were pressed deeply into my womb area. When I orgasmed I burst out into tears and then had what seemed like tens minutes of crying + laughing. This has NEVER happened to me before. It felt like a giant release. Is this normal?
Well, Anonymous…I LOVE that you shared this with us! You had a beautiful and transformative experience. My wish is that everyone listening has or will have a similar experience.
There are a couple of layers here…..

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Deborah Sundahl: The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

Deborah Sundahl is an Author, Sex Educator, Seminar Leader, and Workshop Facilitator. Her groundbreaking book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, (Turner Publishing 2004/2014), and her videos (Isis Media 1996-present), have taught thousands of men and women about the G-spot and female ejaculation. She is spokesperson for intelligent, positive sexuality, and an advocate for adult sex education.

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Erin Telford: Breathwork, Trauma Clearing, Creativity + Spontaneous Orgasms

Erin Telford is a Breathwork teacher and guide.  Her work helps people to look within, open their hearts and heal their relationship with themselves.  Her group sessions, trainings and retreats inspire people to connect to their innate wisdom so that they can deprogram limiting beliefs and social conditioning and find their own truth.
She has created Breathwork experiences for Free People, the Soul Cycle/Soul Legends retreat, In goop Health and Wanderlust Festival. 

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How to Find Your Gspot

Welcome to Truth + Tequila!
These episodes are dedicated to answering any and all questions you have navigating the areas of spirit, sex and of course, igniting your mojo.
This week’s question comes from an Anonymous listener, who simply says:
I’ve heard you talk about the clit vs. Gspot…how do you find your Gspot? How do you discover it – it seems really difficult. What is the process?

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How Many Types of Orgasms Are There

Welcome to Truth + Tequila!
These episodes are dedicated to answering any and all questions you have navigating the areas of spirit, sex and of course, gniting your mojo.
This week’s question comes from Denise, who simply says:
How many different kinds of orgasms are there?

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August McLaughlin: Life Changing Orgasms + Sexual Healing

August McLaughlin is a nationally-recognized health and sexuality writer, media personality  and host and creator of Girl Boner and Girl Boner Radio. Her articles have appeared in Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, DAME Magazine, HuffPost and more. her expertise has been featured in a range of  media outlets, including O: The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Shape, Elite Daily and Bustle. Known for melding personal passion, artistry and activism, August uses her skills as a public speaker and writer to encourage others to embrace their bodies, sexuality and selves, making way for fuller, more authentic lives. 

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