Matthew Reyes: Yoga, Art + Your Life as an Opportunity

Matthew Reyes has taught over TEN THOUSAND YOGA classes to a QUARTER MILLION students in Los Angeles.  He creates SWEATY, MUSICAL YOGA that’s choreographed with AMAZING MUSIC from bands of every style. His goal: to see you HAPPY, SPIRITUALLY GROUNDED, HEALTHY and surrounded by STRONG relationships. His yoga can help get you there. His focus to be successful in his business life, successful in his creative soulful hobbies and to be a light for people who are seeking meaning and direction in their lives.

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ the ONE critical point of view that can alter everything in your life for the better

~ utilizing astrology to empower your life (including your yoga and art)

~ what keeps him going and this answer is a game changer

~ the real world application of yoga (and why you might become a fan of yoga)

~ embracing the artist within you

~ coming face to face with your fears (…AND most importantly, overcoming them)

~ and much more!

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