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This week’s question comes from Jill, who says:

Can you talk about the self love thing? I think it’s really hard. How do you do it?

This is a great topic and I’m glad you asked about it. It speaks to the first of the four pillars of MOJO—mindset.

M is about mindset and one of the first things you mention in your question is: you think the self love thing is really hard. At the moment, that’s your story. It’s hard. Well, here’s the thing, Jill. It’s hard if YOU say so.

Let’s go back to square one and foundation. You first catch yourself. You say, okay. I just said it’s hard. No problem. Caught that and canceling that. That’s just old programming. And then, you can say yourself. Okay.

It’s gonna be hard if I say so. And you know what? Here’s a great pivot. You could say right now, it feels challenging. That’s accurate. OK, because right now it sounds like it feels really challenging for you—that’s truth, totally accurate. Self love in and of itself isn’t hard. It simply IS.

So, our thoughts are things that become words that we speak in. The words we speak will then become our life, literally. All right. So that’s pillar number one of mojo, Mindset.

So getting back to the self-love. Shift your perspective and intention to creating little acts every everyday. Start your day with gratitude. Speak out loud or write down three things you’re grateful for. Personally, before I ever get fully awake, I say ‘thank you’. Thank you. For another day here. For being alive. For this body and biology that’s keeping me going through the night and into a new day.

And then when you’re doing your morning, moisturizer or make up or brushing your teeth, anything in front of a mirror, take a moment while doing it and really look at yourself. Look into your eyes and say, I love you.

I love you. For real, but truly, look at yourself.

Lesson number 8 in my book, Find Me Spot, is an eye gazing exercise with yourself. It’s there for you to really look at yourself because guess what, this body is a rental vehicle. It’s not actually YOU. But you get tricked into thinking it’s you. I’m inviting you to look beyond the rental vehicle to the you that’s actually there, we rarely take the time to connect to that.

Your eyes, windows of the soul, right, when you actually look at yourself like beyond the physical flesh of yourself and you really look at yourself in the eye, you are going to see something that is going to make you – hopefully weep. Because that part of yourself is so pure and magnificent. And you can’t help but love yourself when you when you look at yourself that way.

So, in addition to Gratitude, which creates massive seismic shifts in your life on all levels…And when you can begin to SEE yourself, the self love will become a new normal.

I also talk about flirting with yourself—a lot. Because that flirt feeling can amp your mojo and level of self love rapidly. Catch yourself in the mirror and say, hey baby you look fine. OR damn, you’re one delicious being. Hey gorgeous. Whatever flirt feels good to you, do that!

Celebrate your wins and remember to first and foremost, be kind to yourself. Baby steps are steps – take yours every day and you’ll be a self lovin’ mojo mama faster than you can listen to every episode of The Real Undressed podcast!

As always, these episodes are FOR YOU.

And they are driven by your needs and desires to discover YOUR truth.

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We’ll see you Friday for a full episode with a woman who knows how to create a truly SPIRITUAL and REGAL life. Join me as I speak to Certified Master Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Wanda Marie.

As always, thanks for getting undressed with me.

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