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It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month and that’s why we’re dipping into the archives and bringing out some episodes from the Take a Stand Event.

This week my guest is, well, ME! Deborah Kagan is a Speaker, Mentor and Mojo Recovery Specialist.

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ what MOJO actually is

~ transforming pain into power

~ the important reason why your intuition is a worthy guide

~ the key to accessing your personal power

~ one of the most difficult and little talked about byproducts from trauma and why it’s critical to your healing

~ why surrender and trust are the ultimate game changers

~ the importance of breaking silence on whatever binds you

~ what the ‘masculinazation of women’ is and why it might be happening to you

~ your body as the guide (to healing, mojo and beyond)

~ the key distinction between change and transformation

~ what it takes to be willing to shine your light

~ and much more!

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