Sarah Glicken: The Spirit of Anti-Aging + Reclaiming Your Health Sovereignty

Sarah Glicken, is the co-founder of OsteoStrong Mar Vista, a biohacking wellness center focusing on strengthening bones, joints, and muscles. She’s also co-founder of Kolla, an online education program supporting people in having healthy bones. After a successful career in marketing and sales with more than two decades of experience in music, design, and hospitality, she left to pursue her passion as a champion of health optimization. As a pro-aging advocate, she guides others in discovering new ways to age gracefully through technology, mindset, and supplementation.

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Be a Better Lover with These Yoga Poses

Welcome to Truth + Tequila!
This week’s question comes from Julie, who simply says:
What yoga poses can I practice to be a better lover?
LOVE THIS!!! As a certified yoga instructor and nearly 25 year yogini, I am confident to say that Practicing yoga in general will make you a better lover.  Yoga opens your mind, body and soul allowing you to feel more.  Therefore, you can become more sensitive.  Not only to your own desires and needs but to your lovers as well.
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Rainey Horwitz: Sex Positive Medical Education

Rainey Horwitz is a second year MD student and sexual science researcher. She is developing a sex positive medical education Instagram (@rainey_sexplained) and YouTube page (SexplainedMD) in an effort to normalize pleasure informed conversations about sex within the medical community and take stigma and shame out of the doctors office! 

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