326.Adrienne Rommel: Healing Vaginal Health Holistically + How to Beat HPV, Herpes, and Candida

Indulge in an enlightening conversation with Adrien Rommel, the Yoni Nutritionist, on episode 326 of The Real Undressed. As a certified holistic nutritionist and a fiery advocate for sexual health, Adrien unveils the connection between diet, gut health, and vaginal well-being. Discover holistic paths to healing common vaginal infections and learn to tackle the shame and stigma associated with sexual health issues. This episode is not just a treasure trove of valuable insights; it’s a call to empowerment and confidence in one’s sexual life.

In this episode you’ll discover:

~ the silent connection between your diet and recurring vaginal infections.

~how changing your lifestyle can lead to better vaginal and sexual health.

~the impact of stress on conditions like HPV, herpes, and candida overgrowth.

~ the truth about sugar’s role in triggering infections.

~ simple dietary switches that can transform your overall health.

~ the power of mirror work for self-love and increased sexual confidence.

~ an honest discussion on the importance of sexual health conversations with new partners.

~ strategies for managing herpes outbreaks and the significance of safe sex practices.

~ and much more!


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