Are You Taking Things Personally?

Ep.075 Truth&TequilaQ&A (tp)

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!

This week’s questions comes from Laura and she says:

There’s a recurring issue I have with my siblings, there are 8 of us and I’m the oldest. I took care of everyone as we grew up.  And now when we all get together it’s nice, fun and there’s family banter. But at some point, usually one of my brothers says something sarcastic or embarrassing to one of my youngest sisters, which just happened the other day. I got so irritated and worried that she was feeling criticized. And that’s when I said things that weren’t very nice. Almost like responding to it personally, like he said those things to me and I started telling him the way he should talk. I don’t know if this is about me controlling everything, but I know I don’t feel good when this happens and it’s something I want to change. Why do I feel this way? And what can I do?

Thanks for the question, Laura. And I want to acknowledge you right away for reaching out. It takes something to be vulnerable and ask for support, so I already know that you are a woman with lots of Mojo and glad you’re a listener of The Real Undressed.

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As always, thanks for getting undressed with me.



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