Dr. Cari Schaefer: Dis-Ease, Soul Sickness + Turning it All Around

Dr. Cari Schaefer DACM, is a best selling author, healthcare expert & provider, teacher, and lecturer on health and nutrition. As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 20 years experience Cari has helped thousands of people identify and remove the barriers blocking them from feeling their best.

At age 32, Cari had to overcome her own health crisis. Challenged to walk three blocks due to extreme fatigue, in constant pain, and depressed, she learned firsthand the limitations that poor health creates and what it takes to rebuild a body from the bottom up.

In her book The Food Solution, Cari shares what she learned about the important role food plays in our healing journey.

In this episode we speak about everything from:

~ the crucial difference between devolution and generative energy

~ shifting your mindset to focus on what’s working

~ literally seeing the light in people

~ maneuvering through our multi dimensional reality

~ the surprising health imbalance that’s affecting the masses right now and the spiritual issue behind it

~ what we’re here for as humans (and yeah, it’s deep)

~ the light and shadow aspects that arise within relationship and what’s on the other side

~ what’s possible when you transmute trauma out of your bodily tissue (and what happens when you don’t)

~ healing techniques to transform childhood pain

~ the importance of transitioning into the wise woman and how it can lead to better sex

~ soul sickness and what’s causing it

~ and much more!

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Facebook |  https://www.facebook.com/DrCariSchaeferDACMLAc



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