Lisa Cherney: Open Marriages, Personal Power + Getting F*cking Real

Lisa Cherney has been mentoring millionaire entrepreneurs for over 20 years.  She is the host of the ground-breaking confession-based GFR (Get F’n Real) podcast and creator of the 12 GFR Commandments.  She walks her talk and shares openly about her unconventional marriage, and addiction in her 20s, along with other juicy confessions. her mission is to help soulful entrepreneurs GFR so they can get out of their own way, help more people and make more money! Her mission is to help soulful entrepreneurs GFR so they can get out of their own way, help more people and make more money!

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M is for Mindset

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week I’ve got some mojo truth for you…and it’s the first pillar of the four pillar MOJO system. The M, which is for MINDSET.
By definition, mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone.
By energetic standards, it is the pattern of thoughts you have over a period of time forming those attitudes a person holds.
Now, everyone of us has a mindset. You might be thinking, like what Deborah? Are you talking about positive thinking?
Not exactly! ====> Tune in to the episode to hear all the deets

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David Neagle: The Energetics of Transcending Abuse

David Neagle is the founder of the multimillion-dollar global coaching company Life Is Now, Inc, helping thousands of entrepreneurs, experts and self-employed professionals gain the confidence and find the right mindset to increase their revenue, turning their endeavors into seven- and eight-figure ventures.

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Daily Motivation Practice

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week’s questions comes from ‘Working Mama in Need of Mojo’ and she says:
I’ve heard you suggest to have some type of practice, whether it’s like meditation or body movement or something like that, and how it provides a good structure, and I still really struggle with getting a practice in place…Help! What kind of a practice do you suggest to get this working Mama’s Mojo going?

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Dr. Cari Schaefer: Dis-Ease, Soul Sickness + Turning it All Around

Dr. Cari Schaefer DACM, is a best selling author, healthcare expert & provider, teacher, and lecturer on health and nutrition. As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 20 years experience Cari has helped thousands of people identify and remove the barriers blocking them from feeling their best. In her book The Food Solution, Cari shares what she learned about the important role food plays in our healing journey.

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Mojo Challenge

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week’s episode drops some #mojotruth
I believe that every woman (YES, every single one) has MOJO inside them, but here’s the thing…
That doesn’t mean that every woman knows it. Or has ownership of it.
I’ll let you in on a secret…it’s easier than you think and when you join me for the FREE Mojo 6 Day Challenge, I’ll guide you through to your Mojo side and you’ll walk away rockin’ your Mojo!

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This Makes a Difference

What a wild time. Between everything going on in the world with the pandemic and the social justice uprising in the States, I’ve asked myself if sharing these conversations about spirit and sex are relevant right now.
It’s a fair inquiry.
Much of my time these weeks is spent looking within.
Asking questions.
Listening for the Truth to emerge.
And the lovely thing is—I’ve heard from YOU!

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Have you ever considered what it would be like if:


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