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Ep.043 Truth&TequilaQ&A

What a wild time. Between everything going on in the world with the pandemic and the social justice uprising in the States, I’ve asked myself if sharing these conversations about spirit and sex are relevant right now.

It’s a fair inquiry.

Much of my time these weeks is spent looking within.

Asking questions.

Listening for the Truth to emerge.

And the lovely thing is—I’ve heard from YOU!

Many of you reach out to me in DMs and emails sharing your thoughts about The Real Undressed. How the conversations nudge you, open you and help you expand your consciousness and life experience.

And for that—I thank you.

It IS the reason this podcast was birthed.

Every time I sink into a deep inquiry about sharing my work and these conversations, the whispers always say a similar thing.

It goes something like:

When you peel back the layers built up from society, family, school, communities, religion, social influence and such…there’s a chance to find YOUR truth.

There’s a chance to share yourself without pretense or personality crutches.

There’s a chance to experience your life in your body with pleasure, pure delicious pleasure.

AND THAT opens the door to a sense of self confidence.

The kind of confidence where you can hear someone else’s point of view without making them wrong or bad.

The kind of confidence that allows your heart to be wide open knowing that no one or thing can actually hurt you.

The kind of confidence that offers you freedom to be a contribution wherever you go without the ego need for validation.

The saying goes, there are many roads that lead to Rome.

And there are many that lead to your Truth and Mojo.

I happen to be fond of the roads that offer up conversations, experiences and adventures of the spiritual and sexual kind. They will lead you to YOU.

And goodness knows, we need you right now.

We really do. The YOU that is in there, waiting to be gorgeously undressed for us all to see.

We’ll get back to the Q&A style of these Truth and Tequila episodes…and to have your question considered for an upcoming Truth + Tequila episode, go to:

And click submit your Q on the Truth + Tequila image.

The Real Undressed is here to inspire you to get free…in whatever way, shape or form that takes.

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Just in time for the US birthday, July 4th, which happens to be on a Full Moon with an eclipse this year (did that just sound like Greek to you?!), make sure you tune in on Friday for a full episode on astrology, mysticism and life cycles with Master Astrologer, Gahl Sasson.

As always, thanks for getting undressed with me.

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