275.National Orgasm Day

Welcome to Truth + Tequila. I’m Deborah Kagan, your Mojo Recovery Specialist. And I’m so happy to be here today. I’m happy you’re here. 

Evidently yesterday was National Orgasm Day. I’m not much for holidays in general, so it’s not a surprise I was unaware of this celebratory day. But in honor of getting in the flow…we’re highlighting the importance of orgasms (because they are absolutely important).

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273.God, Sex, and Women of the Bible

Welcome to Truth + Tequila. I’m Deborah Kagan, your Mojo Recovery Specialist. Today we’re going to talk about a book we recently read in the Rock Your Mojo Bookclub. Ladies, if you aren’t part of the club yet, hellloooooo, come join us! It’s the place to be for upleveled conversations around spirituality and sex.

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272.Dr. Lisa Valle: From Sexual Pain to Pleasure + how to Transform Women’s Sexual Health

In this enlightening episode of The Real Undressed, host Deborah Kagan engages in a deep conversation with Dr. Lisa Valle, a renowned expert in women’s sexual health. Lisa shares her journey from traditional gynecology to a more holistic approach, focusing on sexual pain and its impact on women’s lives. She delves into the transformative journey of her patients, the fascinating changes in the body post-Covid, and the importance of maintaining sexual health post-menopause. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of women’s sexual health and wellness.

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271.Big Announcement!

Today we’re going to talk about something near and dear, something critically important for your success and fulfillment, something I’ve been waiting quite a while – like nearly a decade – to be able to share with you.

It’s pretty MAJOR in fact.

And it’s literally something that can change your life.

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268.Lindsay Wynn: The Surprising Truth About Sexual Health + Wellness

Lindasy Wynn is the CEO and Founder of Momotaro Apotheca. They got their start after she was experiencing recurrent vulvovaginal infections like BV, Yeast Infections, UTI’s and more. When over the counter medicine and the traditional fem-care offerings proved to be toxic and offensive she sought out to make her own certified organic and plant based alternatives. 6 years later Momotaro Apotheca has an entire line that provides 360 degrees of support for sexual and vaginal health concerns.

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261.Rock Your Mojo Bookclub

It’s Truth + Tequila Tuesday!
This week is dedicated to sharing some #mojotruth and it’s this:
How much PLEASURE are you willing to experience?
It’s an important thing to answer…and I invite you to strip down and be radically honest with yourself.

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255.Embodiment Mojo for the Holidays

Today’s conversation continues with the new four part series for you…we’re talking about the Jingle Jangle of Holiday Mojo and how to keep your MOJO in tact through the holidays.

Today is the second of the series, Part 2 of the 4 Part series…we’re talking all things EMBODIMENT for the holidays!

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254.Therese Clark: Vulvas, Sexual Health + Clean Products

Therese Clark is a mission-driven brand owner and seasoned skin care expert motivated by improving women’s health. Her company, Lady Suite Beauty is an intimate care brand offering women wellness-driven solutions for skin conditions on the vulva that impact daily comfort, sexual confidence, and mental health.

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