344.Carly Pifer: Erotic Truths + Redefining Literary Porn

In this captivating episode, Deborah Kagan welcomes Carly Pifer, the creator of Read Aurore, an erotic story platform. Carly Pifer delves into her personal journey from discovering her father’s Playboy magazines to becoming a voice for sexual truth and empowerment. The discussion touches on the challenges of navigating sexuality in American society, the joys and tribulations of starting an erotic storytelling venture, and the importance of rewriting one’s sexual narrative.

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342.Deborah Kagan: Embracing the Journey – A Birthday Celebration

This is The Real Undressed episode 342 with a special solo episode in honor of my birthday!

Today’s episode is inspired by my love for this season. It’s officially Spring. It’s Aries season. It’s time for renewal, growth and blossoming. It’s a mojolicious time of year. And I have a tradition that seems to fascinate and inspire people when I share about it….and I realized I have yet to share it with you.

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338.Angela Tortu: Unveiling a Director’s Vision, the Female Gaze in Cinema, and a Deep Dive into the Film “Poor Things”

Dive into a vibrant discussion of The Real Undressed podcast as this episode brings you an expansive conversation with Angela Tortu—a seasoned director with illustrious TV credits from shows like Fresh Off the Boat and Atypical. In the episode, she and Deborah dissect the film Poor Things, a movie that challenges the female narrative through its unique storytelling and powerful depiction of a woman’s discovery of sensuality, personal power, and sexuality. On this special episode, released on International Women’s Day, we unpack the layers of female empowerment and the complexities of character development as portrayed by Emma Stone in Poor Things. Whether you’ve already seen the film or are contemplating giving it a watch, this episode offers a plethora of insightful reflections on women in film and beyond.

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328.Nadège: Bridging the Pleasure Gap + Enhancing Erotic Connection

Unleash your sexual empowerment with best-selling author and sex scholar, Nadège, on this mind-blowing episode of The Real Undressed. Dive deep into the integration of sex and astrology, debunk societal taboos, and redefine your understanding of pleasure. Nadège’s insights into the ancient practices of spirituality, the untold power of sexual subconscious, and her personal journey to becoming a confident pleasure seeker are nothing short of revelatory. Discover why communication is indeed lubrication, how to honor your desires without shame, and what it takes to navigate the evolving landscape of ethical non-monogamy.

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326.Adrienne Rommel: Healing Vaginal Health Holistically + How to Beat HPV, Herpes, and Candida

Indulge in an enlightening conversation with Adrien Rommel, the Yoni Nutritionist, on episode 326 of The Real Undressed. As a certified holistic nutritionist and a fiery advocate for sexual health, Adrien unveils the connection between diet, gut health, and vaginal well-being. Discover holistic paths to healing common vaginal infections and learn to tackle the shame and stigma associated with sexual health issues. This episode is not just a treasure trove of valuable insights; it’s a call to empowerment and confidence in one’s sexual life.

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323.Clean Energy Sex

Hello, everybody. Welcome to Truth + Tequila. I’m Deborah Kagan, your mojo recovery specialist. And I’m so happy to be here today. I’m happy you’re here. I was on a date recently and an interesting thing happened…


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