326.Adrienne Rommel: Healing Vaginal Health Holistically + How to Beat HPV, Herpes, and Candida

Indulge in an enlightening conversation with Adrien Rommel, the Yoni Nutritionist, on episode 326 of The Real Undressed. As a certified holistic nutritionist and a fiery advocate for sexual health, Adrien unveils the connection between diet, gut health, and vaginal well-being. Discover holistic paths to healing common vaginal infections and learn to tackle the shame and stigma associated with sexual health issues. This episode is not just a treasure trove of valuable insights; it’s a call to empowerment and confidence in one’s sexual life.

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Amy Jo Goddard: The Beauty, Power + Pleasure of Sexuality

Amy Jo Goddard has been teaching and speaking about feminism and sexuality for over two decades, including her TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power.” She is author of Woman on Fire: Nine Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence and co-author of the best-selling classic Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men.
Her forthcoming film At Your Cervix, examines patient consent and bodily autonomy in gynecology and medical education, aiming to end unethical practices that harm both patients and medical students. She hosts her Fire Woman Retreat & other sexual empowerment programs.

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Grooming, Down There

Welcome to Truth + Tequila!
Every Tuesday you can look forward to a shorter solo episode with me.
These episodes are dedicated to answering any and all questions you have navigating the areas of spirit, sex and of course, igniting your mojo.

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