338.Angela Tortu: Unveiling a Director’s Vision, the Female Gaze in Cinema, and a Deep Dive into the Film “Poor Things”

Dive into a vibrant discussion of The Real Undressed podcast as this episode brings you an expansive conversation with Angela Tortu—a seasoned director with illustrious TV credits from shows like Fresh Off the Boat and Atypical. In the episode, she and Deborah dissect the film Poor Things, a movie that challenges the female narrative through its unique storytelling and powerful depiction of a woman’s discovery of sensuality, personal power, and sexuality. On this special episode, released on International Women’s Day, we unpack the layers of female empowerment and the complexities of character development as portrayed by Emma Stone in Poor Things. Whether you’ve already seen the film or are contemplating giving it a watch, this episode offers a plethora of insightful reflections on women in film and beyond.


In this episode you’ll discover:

~ the significant role family and a chance encounter with movie-making played in Angela Tortu’s career choice.

~ insights into a woman director’s experience working on impactful TV shows and with streaming giant Netflix.

~ an intimate look at Poor Things’ storyline and characters, exploring its Oscar-worthy performances and critical acclaim.

~. the constant progression and transformation undergone by the lead character in Poor Things, played by Emma Stone, and how it aligns with themes of personal agency.

~ how female directors navigate the male-dominated landscape of the film industry with their unique creative perspectives.

~ the film’s exploration of a woman’s sensual awakening and its ramifications on her personal evolution.

~ a deep dive into the film’s handling of feminine sexuality, societal roles, and the female gaze.

~ the transformative power of owning one’s mind, body, and sexuality, as depicted through Bella Baxter’s character arc.

~ and much more!


Connect with Angela Tortu

Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/auhlani

IMDB | https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0869057/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk


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