328.Nadège: Bridging the Pleasure Gap + Enhancing Erotic Connection

Unleash your sexual empowerment with best-selling author and sex scholar, Nadège, on this mind-blowing episode of The Real Undressed. Dive deep into the integration of sex and astrology, debunk societal taboos, and redefine your understanding of pleasure. Nadège’s insights into the ancient practices of spirituality, the untold power of sexual subconscious, and her personal journey to becoming a confident pleasure seeker are nothing short of revelatory. Discover why communication is indeed lubrication, how to honor your desires without shame, and what it takes to navigate the evolving landscape of ethical non-monogamy.

In this episode you’ll discover:

~ the connection between sex and astrology, and how it can enhance your sexual compatibility.

~ why Pleasure Science is revolutionizing the way we approach our natural strengths in sex.

~ how ancient cultures worshipped sex and the shift to monogamy.

~ the importance of the sexual subconscious and how to explore it.

~ the surprising role of BDSM in cultivating exceptional communication skills.

~ the fascinating history of Cleopatra, beyond the myths and sexual stereotypes.

~ how to communicate your sexual needs and desires effectively.

~ the rise of ethical non-monogamy and how it’s changing relationship dynamics.

~. the power of setting intentions and how it aligns you with your higher self.

~ the excitement and pleasure that come with being unapologetically attuned to your eroticism.

~ and much more!


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