336.Rena Martine: From Prosecuting Sex Crimes to Preaching Pleasure and Reclaiming Desire

In this riveting episode, former sex crimes deputy district attorney and now intimacy coach Rena Martine takes us through her transformative journey from the courtroom to the bedroom. Her powerhouse presence and unwavering dedication to creating a world where pleasure and intimacy are accessible and shame-free are nothing short of inspiring. Rena Martine’s revelations offer deep insights into the complexities of sexual shame, the healing power of reclaiming one’s desires, and the ways in which we can liberate ourselves from societal confines to embrace a pleasure-filled life.

In this episode you’ll:

~ Discover how Rena Martine transcended her past of prosecuting sex crimes to becoming a champion for sexual empowerment.

~ Learn why the term “shame-free sex” is revolutionary in today’s society.

~ Uncover the surprising link between legal advocacy and intimacy coaching.

~ Hear Rena’s candid take on how intimate relationships can thrive without shame.

~ Discover Rena’s innovative CAMP method to loving your body with the lights on.

~ Delve into the uncomfortable yet important topics of sexual assault and power dynamics.

~ Understand the impact of our upbringing and societal messages on our relationship with sex and pleasure.

~ Find out how even sex-positive individuals navigate their own boundaries and vulnerabilities.

~ and much more!


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Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/_rena.martine_

Website | http://www.renamartine.com/book


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