322.Hannah Hutton: Defying Taboos + Reimagining Sexual Wellness

In episode 322 of The Real Undressed, we dive deep into the world of sexual wellness with the dynamic Hannah Hutton, co-founder of Personal Fav Co. From the frustrations of navigating today’s sexual landscape to the revolutionary creations of clean, pleasure-driven products, Hannah shares her journey and the dream that became a reality. As a passionate advocate for a sex-positive space, she talks about the challenges of breaking stigmas, the importance of prioritizing pleasure, and how to reshape the conversation around sexual health. Tune in for an engaging and enlightening discussion that not only undresses the taboos of talking about sex but also celebrates the empowerment it brings.


In this episode you’ll get to:


~ hear how Personal Fav Co. was born out of frustration and the desire for a safe, fun space for sexual wellness.

~ discover the epidemic of censorship and the challenges faced while promoting sexual wellness online (which is a big deal for those of you who want the real information).

~ get insights into the world of development for sex-positive products.

~ learn about the powerful effects of full-spectrum CBD in sexual wellness products and its soothing properties.

~ feel confident about how to introduce sexual wellness products into a relationship as an icebreaker and tool for deeper connection.

~ discover the role of high-frequency ingredients like Bulgarian Rose in enhancing sexual experiences.

~ learn business insights and the journey of being female founders in a stigmatized industry (more of us need to be talking about this!).

~ remember the importance of dismantling shame and embracing pleasure in one’s sexual journey.

~ learn personal rituals and mantras that help overcome imposter syndrome and enhance self-confidence.

~ celebrate women in business and the concept of co-opetition over competition.

~ and much more!



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