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As we turn the page on the calendar year, I wanted to take a moment and share with you the topics, guests and episodes that made the biggest splash for you in 2022.

This show was born out of my passion to normalize, equalize and make the conversation around spirit and sex something we can all speak on.

To make it less scary, shameful or wrong.

These two topics have been kept on opposite sides of the spectrum. They’ve played into the duality of life. But the truth is—your spirit and your sex are the same. They are intimately connected to your mojo, your life force. To deny one is to deny the other AND you need both to tryuly live a mojolicious life.

SO, let’s take a quick trip down 2022. Here are the 22 episodes that resonated the most with you:


  1. Sharon Richardon: Honoring Earth Day, How that Activates Your Mojo + the Beauty of Women
  1. Tiffany Yelverton: S*x Education, Pegging + Women’s Empowerment
  1. Therese Conway: How to Use Flower Essences For Emotional Well-Being, Pleasure + Mojo Power
  1. Amadea Bailey: Cultivating Inner Freedom + an Open Body
  1. Dr. Joli Hamilton: Creative Non Monogomy, Polyamory + Coloring Outside the Relationship Lines

210:  Simone Milasas: Intimacy, Presence + the Power of Access Consciousness

  1. Sarah Jane Palmer: Erotic Art, Normalizing S*xuality + Cultivating Your Creative Spark
  1. Hot S*xy Summer: The Eros + Pleasure Edition
  1. Hot S*xy Summer: The Conscious S*x Edition
  1. Hot S*xy Summer: The Creative Relationships Edition
  1. Hot S*xy Summer: The Embrace Your Shadow for Great S*x Edition
  1. Hot S*xy Summer: The Porn Edition
  1. Bob Wisdom: Deepening into Spirit + Living a Juicy Life
  1. Alexandra Stockwell: Uncompromising Intimacy, Eros + Personal Growth
  1. Krystal Thompson: Ethical Non Monogamy, Sacred Manifesting + Deep Intimacy
  1. Jules Blaine Davis: Kitchen Healing, Nourishing Your Spirit + Owning Your Feminine Power
  1. Heidi Rose Robbins: The Astrology of 2023

TRUTH + TEQUILA (solo episodes with Deborah)

  1. How to Embrace Your Feminine Power, Pt. 1

205 Masturbation + Your Mojo

  1. Principles of Pleasure, Pt. 1
  1. 5 Keys to Your Personal Magnetism
  1. Your S*xual Energy, Pt. 1

Oh yeah! I’d say that was a super juicy year….and we’ve got another delish year ahead planned for you.

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As always, thanks for getting undressed with me.

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